Bling Sneakers Moana Inspired

  • $110.00

Bling Converse inspired by Sesame Street 

Our Custom bling Sneakers are one of a kind, from the entire sneaker glittered, light up shoe laces, Sesame characters appliqués allow them to go perfect with costumes, birthdays and can be worn on regular days along with the name of the child in the Sesame logo.

We do offer all colors as Converse has a variety of colors to order. All converse sneakers run about a half size normal than size. Please note once we customize an order we do not exchange the size or refund an order unless we have made an error. Each Crystal is hand placed one by one to perfection. We send an extra bag of crystals in case of wear and tear and original laces. 

Thank you for shopping with TaylorsPenny. You can find us online on instagram @taylorspennysblingcustoms to see more of our customs that are not on the website as of yet.